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  • Our consultancy allows you to understand if a specific architecture aligns well with your business and with cloud best practices. 

  • We provide a consistent approach to evaluating systems against the qualities you expect from modern cloud-based environments and remediation that would be required to achieve those qualities. 

  • Our architects may consider a multi-cloud approach with the strategic distribution of your cloud management tasks between multiple providers that best suites your business operation. Multi cloud adoption can help achieve greater efficiencies, take advantage of the economies of scale and establish the resilient performance of your virtual infrastructure.


  • The Clougility Well-Architected Review gives you access to knowledge and best practices used by AWS, Azure or iLand architects, whenever you need it.

  • Clougility provides an action plan with step-by-step guidance on how to build better workloads for the cloud.

  • We provide options for the implementation of tools, review of usage, recommendation on best practice, consolidation and optimisation.

  • On completion of the review, we provide a report detailing any optimisation recommendations identified. As AWS, Azure and iLand Partners, we can also help you to implement remediations.

Square Stage

An Overview of the Well-Architected Review Process

  • The review is based on the Well-Architected Framework.

  • Our clients answer a series of questions about their workload. Clougility analyses the information and generates the report proposing improvements based on the 5 pillars of the Well-Architected Framework; Security, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation and Reliability.

  • Finally, the client has the possibility of solving the findings with Clougility´s support.

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