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Snapshot Based Replication

Prepare for the unpredictable

In today’s fast-paced, global IT environment, unplanned downtime can result in irrecoverable, long-term damage to your organisation. Whether from cybercrime, malware, hardware failure or natural disasters, the impact of a disaster event can often be felt for years in terms of revenue loss or the inability to continue business operations.

Preparing your business for disaster events starts with combining the right people, process, and technology to ensure a quick and successful recovery. Our Secure DRaaS was designed with this in mind, providing end to end services and capabilities to meet your organisation’s recovery requirements.

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Secure DRaaS with Zerto

Secure DRaaS with Zerto offers increased flexibility, customised runbook functionality, optimised RPOs and near-zero RTOs so you have more control over your disaster recovery plan and faster failover with automated failover and failback. This technology is based on Continuous Data Protection where it also protects against ransomeware.

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Secure DRaaS with Veeam integrates your on-premises Veeam environment with an extension to iland’s Secure Cloud infrastructure, providing secure and robust replication and failover capabilities for Disaster Recovery.

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Secure DRaaS with Veeam

Continuous Data Protection
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Block Level Replication

Secure DRaaS with AWS CloudEndure

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery minimises downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual and cloud-based servers into AWS.

Use RecoverPoint for VMs (RP4VM) to protect production VMs while an instance of the Cloud DR Server (CDRS) is deployed to AWS EC2 to manage the cloud copies and run orchestrated recovery flows to native Amazon EC2 instances.

Secure DRaaS with AWS and Dell RP4VM

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Continuous Data Protection
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