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The Build Phase will involve all stakeholders to formulate and create a custom blueprint based on your business requirements.


Our cloud architects are ready to identify the right multi-cloud services from our cloud partners (AWS, Azure, iLand and other selected providers) that have been identified in the blueprint.  This forms the foundation and building blocks towards your cloud journey. 


Hybrid Cloud Solutions are commonly adopted by most businesses. Our cloud professionals together with strong datacentre skills will be there to assist you with both the private and public cloud.


Architected Framework

Flexibility is key in our selection of cloud partners to ensure that you have cloud resiliency.


We adhere to well architected frameworks to ensure that we follow best practices to build your solution. Rest assured we understand that your data and workloads are paramount to your business, hence we build upon proven technologies and solutions.

Journey to the Cloud

The build phase is merely the start of your journey to the cloud, this being said the solutions allows for you to use a phased approach and you can target specific workloads to migrate to the cloud giving you the confidence, to add on additional services at the right time.

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